Refund Policy

Order Cancellation Request:

Every order must be cancelled before Refund is requested for the order within stipulated time frame on specified email address.

Cancellation request for all orders must be raised by email at [email protected] This is the only specified email address for processing order cancellation and refunds.

Cancellation request will be accepted on email sent from client registered email ID only.

Cancellation request must contain Client Name, Contact No. , Order details with date and Amount.

We will confirm the cancellation request when it is processed. If you do not receive a confirmation, please contact us as soon as possible.

Time Frame: Cancellations of Orders will be accepted within time limits as per order/service durations:

        Order Duration                 Time Limit for cancellation (including holidays) or mentioned with product/services.

(a)    1 month                             3 days.

(b)    3 months                           6 days.

(c)    6 months                           9 days.

(d)    12 months                         12 days.

(e)    24 months or more           20 days.

(f)    Domains                             No refund.

Refund Request:

Refund request will be accepted only after cancellation of order.

Refund request will be accepted within 10 working days from order cancellation.

Only first time accounts are eligible for refund. Accounts created by the same client / related to the same client will not be eligible for refund.

NO refunds for an account has violated the terms of service or involved in activities that has resulted in incurring charges to bring back services to normal.

NO refunds for the invoice is not paid in full or in advance before the account is setup

Hosting plans will automatically expire until a plan is renewed. In order to cancel service, clients required to be contact on above email address for their cancellation.

NO refunds for package that is cancelled during the FREE period. [ For example, In a 2 +1 year pack, the last year is provided as FREE and hence no refund can be processed for/during that period ]

Dedicated Servers and Cloud Servers are not eligible for any refunds.

Product or services booked during special discount period are not qualified for refunds.

Only refunds which qualify for refund will be responded or taken into consideration.

Refunds are processed after deducting taxes and Bank transaction/conversion fee. In addition INR 250 will be charged for every order cancellation fee.

No refund will be paid as cash or check / bank transfer or deposit. All refunds will be credited as hosting credits or domain credits only.

Refund processing may take 60 days from the date of acceptance.

In no event more than one refund for the same order will be considered.